Westhaven - Into the Wild

The Adventure Begins
Background before play

It was early fall when the unusual pair made their way through the thick doors in the eastern wall of Westhaven. Their walk was slow and resolute as they made their way to the nearest inn. The regulars at the Setting Sun were whispered among one another as one great bulk squeezed through the main door, followed quickly by another. It was not unheard of for a half-orc to be seen in town. Certainly their inherent toughness was a boon at the edge of this wilderness. But two? And arriving as a pair no less, what did this herald for the future of Westhaven?

As fortune would have it, their was an opening at a particularly interesting table. Carved into the surface was a rough map of the region. Westhaven was clearly identifiable, as were settlements to the north, barrow downs and a lake to the west, and a swamp to the south. Their were further landmarks, but they were faded with time. Neither the servers nor the proprietor of the establishment were able to shed light on the original carver, but all agreed that nearly every adventurer that made their way to Westhaven has left their mark.

The duo kept to themselves for several days, neither engaging with, nor avoiding the townspeople. They took stock of their new environment, of the shops and facilities offered in this, the last outpost of civilization on the western borderlands. Every evening they returned to the inn to study the map, preparing for what was to come.

On the first market-day following their arrival a messenger sought out the pair with a letter.
“Investigate the tower and report. -The Academy”

Their course thus determined, they resolved to set out the next day to set about their task. With good luck and good weather, their map suggested they would be able to return by nightfall, mission complete. The weather held, but would their luck?


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